What people are saying about All the Sweeter:

“Books about adopting children from foster care are few and far between. Ones that are as thoughtfully and skillfully written as All the Sweeter are rarer still. This is a true find for anyone thinking of providing a family for a child (or children) in care who truly needs one. My sincere thanks to the author for this important contribution.”

-Adam Pertman, President of the National Center on Adoption and Permanency, author of “Adoption Nation” and adoptive father

“Being part of a family that adopted 14 children and having worked at and led foster-to-adopt organizations for over six years, thereby witnessing hundreds of families make their way through the fost-adopt process, I can confidently recommend this book. Every family will find examples in the stories told by the All the Sweeter families that will provide guidance on how to navigate the inevitable and often unexpected situations that arise on the foster-to-adopt journey.”    

-Doni DeBolt, Director of Community Relations at Lilliput Families and former Executive Director of Adopt a Special Kid (AASK)

“As a pediatrician who works with many children in foster care, I know how helpful these stories will be to professionals who work with these families.  We don’t often get to hear in such rich detail the “arc” of a child’s journey, especially from multiple perspectives.   As an adoptive mother, I identified with many of the parents in this book and picked up some pearls of wisdom about how to manage challenging moments.”    

-Dr. Amy Whittle, Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco & adoptive mother

All the Sweeter ambitiously and beautifully captures the joy and challenge of adopting a foster child.  No matter what your family situation is – or what you dream it to be – this book offers relatable stories that simultaneously inform and inspire.  Deeply researched, this is a must read for anyone considering the adventure of building a family through the fost-adopt system.

-Shannon Gordon, CEO theBoardlist and Returned Peace Corp Volunteer, Senegal